Egg Frittata – Your Royal Breakfast


You may call it Egg Frittata, but we call it a Royal Breakfast. It can be a very rich and satisfying breakfast, or a quick full meal. All you need is:

1 cup of whole milk
1 Tbsp of clarified butter (ghee)
1 Tbsp of white flour
150 g of Mozzarella (or any other cheese)
4 eggs
salt, pepper

And this is the right occasion to take a good use of any leftover greens or vegetables from your fridge.

  1. Warm a skillet with butter. Add flour, stir well.
  2. Add milk, stir well and keep stirring until milk begin to bubble and thickens.
  3. Add shredded cheese and stir until it melts. Sprinkle salt and pepper. If you have leftover greens, chop them finely and add just before the cheese. Parsley, kale, spinach, all are excellent.
  4. Then carefully add eggs, trying not to break yolks. I make small wholes (nests) with a spoon for each egg (sprinkle eggs with a bit more salt and pepper). You may remove the skillet from heat for this procedure to give yourself time. Then put it back and cook covered just until whites solidify, but yolks are still liquid.


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